Cafe Community

Cafe Community Servers were opened on the 25th July 2016 by mod36, with the release of the first server, Minigames.

After some success, we expanded into other familiar game-modes that the community had voted on. These included Jailbreak, Bunnyhop, and Hide n’ Seek respectively. Then, after a push from players, we opened our most successful server, Battle Royale, where we were able to pioneer the game-mode with the release of new maps.

We aim to bring new ideas to old game-modes and adapt upon ideas given to us by the community through our forums and in-game. We hope you have a fun time on our servers and a good laugh within the community.


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Head Admin: Amagil / XIAO
Face off against other players in a challenging BattleRoyale.


Head Admin: Kermit
Test your skills in a multitude of maps, each harder than the last.

Hide n' SeekLOADING

Head Admin: Claudio / CyclO
Juke your enemies into submission with skillfull jumps and tricks while avoiding their knives.


Head Admin: mod36 / Ben
Challenge the enemy team in a series of fast paced gamemodes.